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  • Night Hiking Safety Tips: Why Do You Ever Hike Without a Headlamp?

    Imagine this:  You're nearing the summit, the pre-dawn sky ablaze with a riot of colors. You pause to capture the breathtaking vista on your phone, but as you fumble for the camera app, your foot catches on a loose rock. Panic flares as you tumble forward, your heart hammering against your ribs. The world is a blur of darkness, and the comforting path vanishes...
  • How to choose a headlamp for camping,

    How to choose a headlamp for camping,

    Headlamp for campingFor quite some time people around the world has come to rely on the headlamps for the flexibility they provide. Not only the provide a great amount of light to beat darkness and illuminate spaces, but you can also do so hands free. This is great. Whether in need of camping head lamp, a best waterproof headlamp, you will be satisfied with...
  • XP-E and XP-G, what is the deal

    XP-E and XP-G, what is the deal

    To understand the difference, let say a note about Cree.  Cree is public company founded in July 1987 in North Carolina, USA. They changed their name to Wolfspeed, Inc in October 2021 by Wikipedia. Cree is the de facto standard on the LED industry because of its dominance. Our lamps are based on Cree chip. XLamp XP-E and XLamp XP-G are both LEDs, that...
  • Using the 270 Headlamp

    Using the 270 Headlamp

    We have this beautiful headlamp that differentiates to all the other by providing: 1. Double lamp beads for XPE LED2. The COB can cycle through 2 different color of light: White and Red3. The XPE can cycle through 2 different color of light as well: While and Blue (or yellow instead of blue) The lamp cycles through 6 modes prior turning off. Here are...
  • Shipping Equation: Simple

    Shipping Equation: Simple

    One magic thing in eCommerce is the fact that you need to ship; if you hate shipping, then there is no way you can sell or buy stuff online. We, at The Bright Beam, we understood this equation early on and has opted to address it upfront instead trying to avoid it. To make things easier. We ship worldwide with flat fees for most...
  • 3 Staple Factors For Finding Your Ideal LED Headlamp

    3 Staple Factors For Finding Your Ideal LED Headlamp

    Are you looking for a Li-ion Battery Charger that can charge two to four batteries? If so, then you have reached your one-stop. Get the best range of headlamps with rechargeable batteries and Li-ion Battery Charger under one roof only at The Bright Beam.
  • Redesigned Website

    Redesigned Website

    We have redesigned our website for the best customer experience. We hope you will enjoy it and finding you lamps will be much faster... Happy hiking and camping t you all..
  • COB Technology

    COB Technology

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    COB: Chip on BoardIs an LED technology where multiple LED chips are bonded straight to the a substrate to become a single module. Most of our lamps are equipped with COB technology. Due to the fact that COB is multi-chip packed, it contains more light sources result to an increase in lumen. 
  • New Great Products

    New Great Products

    This past week we have been busy adding more products to our core business. We  have the BBH200 Series Bright Beam™ Rechargeable LED Head-Light  and the COB version
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