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The Bright Beam is a brand for our company, Zighida. We are family owned business with global foot print. The idea of selling headlamps stemmed from seeing my friend's mother not liking to walk the dog in the dark in the dusk. Unfortunately the torches available were not very good. I found a product that surpassed all current torches, headlamps on the market and is a great addition for all kind of people, including walkers, runners, hikers, equestrians, tradesmen, fishermen etc. Anyone who needs a good light source is covered! We basically make it easy for people to reach dark locations.

Our Head quarter is located in Los Angeles, California, USA but we operate world wide. We have a solid customer base in the UK and North America. We are a customer oriented company, yes no customer means no business. So, customer is at the center of what we do. This is more reason we encourage to reach out to us whenever to have an issue with your purchase. 

Zighida aims to of ship world wide. To make things much simpler, the store time zone is set to GMT. We based our delivery engagement with this in mind. All orders placed on any given day by 23:59 GMT will be processed that day, otherwise, it will be processed the next day. So for example, if you leave in the US in PST time zone and you place your order before 15:59 PST, your order will be processed the same day, otherwise, it will be processed the next day.

The consequence of this rule is that those in time zone such as the UK have the benefice of having their order processed the same day the order was placed. This rule does not take holidays and other special events into consideration. When this happens, a couple days of delay is to be expected.

Shipping Time
Most of our orders need some preparation to get it ready for shipping, so this may take 7-business days to complete. In general, you should receive your order by the end of the 3rd week following the date you placed your order. Some destinations, such as the UK  it takes much less; roughly 14-business days for the product to be delivered. For orders to the US. we have Express Shipping and  with this, it takes 2 to 5 business days for customers to receive their orders

There may be some exceptions, unfortunately, from time to time but these are the general rules. And of course, beside the option we provide to you to track your order, you can reach out to us for any question about the delivery of your product.

We focused on products that are lamps, bright headlamps related to facilitate people with the need on or fishing, hunting, night running, hiking and camping, fishing, biking, hunting, climbing, as well as vehicle breakdowns, appliance repairs, walking your dog at night, household work, search, and etc... 

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About The Bright Beam

The Bright Beam