The Bright Beam FAQs to help customer choosing hunting headlamps


Depending on the part of the world you are located, most of our orders can reach the customer within 2-4 weeks. In the UK for example, it takes roughly 16-days, including weekends
We have a link on the footer or our site to use for that... But you can Click on this Link to Track your Order.
We sure do! We can ship products to most countries around the world. Please be aware that different countries have unique customs rules and regulations. Unfortunately, if your package gets held at customs you will be responsible for communication and any additional costs required to release your item(s).
A couple of things can be the reason. Although our shipping carriers work independently to deliver your package, we’ll figure this out together! If it's been marked delivered and it's only been one day-sit tight! Sometimes the carriers scan it before it gets to you. Keep an eye out for the next few hours!

If the tracking hasn’t been updated in an unusually long time or if it was never updated since it was made, chances are it was lost in transit. Please file a claim with the carrier if you can. If there is no conclusion after two weeks, please let us know and we will look into and either replace, exchange or credit you for your order.

If the shipping address was a temporary location, we do not assume responsibility if the recipient is no longer at that address upon delivery within the projected shipping timeline. If your address has changed or that the shipping address you provided had some error in there, we will work this out; most like the carrier will return the package to us. We will certainly ship you another one, it is just that it may take a bit longer for you to enjoy your purchase.
Yes, our shopping cart supports multi currency. By default it will show the US Dollars, but you should be able to have your cart updated with your local currency in the next step. After you provide shipping info and you click on Next to shipping page (if not logged in) or on payment page (if you are logged into the system), then your cart now will reflect the total in your local currency. It is just the way this system was set up.

I any case and no matter what, the last step to pay for the goods will always give the total amount in your local currency or the currency of the destination country based on the shipping address you entered.
The easiest way to return products is by contacting us. Click on this link
In most of the circumstances No, but there are some exception, therefore before returning, please contact us first. We are also working on RMA system that will make things much easier for all parties.
We provide 30-days warranty that starts the day the product was delivered. This warrantee covers manufacture defects and will replace or exchange at no cost to you during the warranty time.
90 minutes is pretty much the standard as the duration for charging most of the lamps.
Most of our lamps offer a 3-hour battery life on the highest setting and 8-hour battery life on the lowest setting.
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The Bright Beam FAQs to help customer choosing hunting headlamps

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