Choosing the best headlamp for my needs

How to choose a headlamp for camping,


Headlamp for camping

For quite some time people around the world has come to rely on the headlamps for the flexibility they provide. Not only the provide a great amount of light to beat darkness and illuminate spaces, but you can also do so hands free. This is great. Whether in need of camping head lamp, a best waterproof headlamp, you will be satisfied with a variety of what The Bright Beam has to offer.

How to choose a headlamp for your needs

Some requirements can be factor in when it comes to choose for an appropriate headlamp. Things such as intensity expressed in Lumens. This is very important as these measures clarify of the surface being illuminated. You need to decide if you need built-in battery of replaceable battery headlamp. If you want a headlamp with warning LED on the back so people can notice you; headlamp with alternating LED colors; White, Red, Blue, Yellow, and so forth, or just all white LED

What Bright Beam has to offer

We have headlamps with built-in battery, the ones with replaceable battery. In any case, all the batteries are rechargeable. And most of the headlamps are 350 Lumens for intensity. We carry the best waterproof rechargeable headlamp.

Headlamp 270

The above version of our headlamp usb rechargeable, this has 350 lumens, built-in battery, White, Red, Blue LED colors, COB/XPE design

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