Using the 270 Headlamp

Using the 270 Headlamp


We have this beautiful headlamp that differentiates to all the other by providing:

1. Double lamp beads for XPE LED
2. The COB can cycle through 2 different color of light: White and Red
3. The XPE can cycle through 2 different color of light as well: While and Blue (or yellow instead of blue)

The lamp cycles through 6 modes prior turning off. Here are the cycles:

1. Press power button: COB LED lights on with high intensity
2. Press again, COB LED dimmed a bit (this is good for someone who think the intensity was too high, for reading for example)
3. Press again, COB LED lights on RED
4. Press again, COB LED blinks Red (good for those who want more attention when riding a bike for example)
5. Press again, XPE LED lights ON
6. Press again, XPE LED lights Blue
7. Press again, The lamp now if OFF

The lamp is made to accommodate different circumstances, people requests, and situations.

here the direct link to shop
Headlamp COB Red version




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