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3 Staple Factors For Finding Your Ideal LED Headlamp


It is needless to say that headlamps have finally piqued people's interest as they can be used in a wide array of applications such as fishing, night running, and hunting, walking with your dog at night, and repairing breakdown vehicles at night in the middle of an unknown road. Yes, that is true; these LED flashlight headlamps are a go-to product for a plethora of people out there.

A simple and portable head-mounted flashlight has been proven to be highly efficient and useful for people who are engaged in doing focused tasks during the night, such as repair work, and need both hands free to accomplish a task successfully. The peril involved is that all LED headlamps available in the market for the end consumer purchase out there are not equal. If you are looking out for a Headlamp with a Rechargeable Battery that ensures you a top-notch quality and high performance, then you need to research about the product carefully.

Outlined below are a few factors to consider.


When choosing LED flashlight headlamps, the lumen is one of the most significant factors to consider. A high lumen rating indicates a brighter beam, whereas a low lumen rating indicates that the headlamp uses less power and is often less expensive.

Beam Distance

Beam distance is technically measured in candelas, but it is also typically measured in meters – the distance traveled by a beam of light before it fades away in the darkness. Again, LED flashlight headlamps with high beam range ratings will cost - and weigh - more, so it's another compromise between performance and economy.

Battery Life

The LED torch with a higher mAH (milliampere per hour) rating suggests its batteries will last longer than a torch with a lower mAH value. When choosing a rechargeable headlamp, this is a pivotal factor to consider. If you need your headlamp to endure for several hours at a time, you'll need to spend a little extra money on a model with high-mAH batteries. You'll also have to contend with the issue of weight, as higher mAH batteries are heavier. If you're on a tight budget, require your headlamps to stay bright, or don't need to use them for long periods, you can go for the option of picking up the product with low mAH batteries.

Final Words

The product BBH200 SERIES BRIGHT BEAM™ LED HEADLIGHT (Bright Beam SKU: BBH200-R10-BA060) has skyrocketing demand in the market because of its salient features like

  • The light range is up to 1000M.
  • The Beam Angle is 90° degrees.
  • 2 x18650 batteries can be replaced, and they are not built-in.
  • Telescopic zoom.
  • The headlight is adjustable up to 90°.
It is compatible with 18650 rechargeable batteries that can work efficiently for 4-5 hours, and the best part is that a user can replace the battery if the one in use drains out.

    Are you looking for a Li-ion Battery Charger that can charge two to four batteries? If so, then you have reached your one-stop. Get the best range of headlamps with rechargeable batteries and Li-ion Battery Charger under one roof only at The Bright Beam.

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